Document WSIS-II/PC-2/ADM/1(Add.1)-E

28 January 2005

Original: English


WSIS Executive Secretariat

Information for participants

Tunis phase of WSIS, PrepCom-2, 17-25 February 2005, Geneva















A cybercafé with PCs and laptop connections will be available in Hall 13-15 in the Palais des Nations, located under the Assembly hall.

WiFi connections will be available in the Assembly hall, cybercafé and Room XXII.

A service desk will be available at the cybercafé to assist Delegates in using the ICT facilities provided.

For further information on the service desk and how to configure the laptops, please follow the link:|0


All delegates to WSIS-II/PrepCom-2 will receive a set of official documents upon registration at the Montbrillant building (ITU). Official and administrative documents will be available in 6 (EFSACR) and 3 (EFS) working languages, respectively. Subsequent documentation will be made available in the meeting room(s). All official documents will be posted on the WSIS-II/PrepCom-2 website.

Other written inputs to PrepCom-2 (e.g. regional conferences, thematic meetings, inputs to GFC paper, other ICT-related papers) will be made available on tables located near the entrance to the Assembly Hall in the quantities and languages provided to the Secretariat. Copies of inputs should be delivered to the PrepCom2 Document Control Service (Room A642/6th Floor/UNOG Building), which is the sole service authorized to manage and distribute this documentation. Any material/documentation distributed without authorization will be removed.

Contact point for WSIS-II/PrepCom2 Document Control Service: