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Archived Newsroom • The Fully Networked Car

The Fully Networked Car
The vehicles on our roads will soon be as connected as our homes.
Technologies in development link our cars with existing
communications infrastructure, enabling vehicles to talk to road
systems and one another.
While giving us a greater safety and control over our driving
environment these are also green technologies, reducing
traffic and emissions on our highways and in our
Communications technologies may even
facilitate electric cars acting as
storage for spare electric
capacity in tomorrow's
smart grids.
Car crash victims are often unable to call for help.
Systems in development automatically notify
emergency services when an airbag is activated,
speeding emergency response times
and increasing survival rates.
Hazards face us on the roads every day:
Ice, snow, a diesel spill or an accident. New
technology will communicate this to surrounding
vehicles so that they can take the necessary action.
Ever had trouble
finding a
In the future cars
will be directed to empty parking slots, saving time
and cutting greenhouse gas emissions. The same
technology could be used to create more efficient
traffic flow on national highways.
Geneva based ITU,
ISO and IEC host the
annual Fully Networked
Car@ Geneva Motor Show, bringing the
developers of these technologies together with
car manufacturers to discuss how best to bring
them to market. The event hosts cutting edge
technologies, high-level discussions
and technical sessions on issues such
as international standardization.


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