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GSR 2012 Global Symposium for Regulators,
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 2-4 October 2012


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Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2012 Trends in Telecommunication Reform 2012 : The annual "Trends in Telecommunication Reform" publications are key part of ITU´s effort to explore and amplify the wisdom of policy-makers and regulators in the ICT sector. The 12th edition examine smart regulatory measures that regulators and policy makers can take to achieve broadband for all, foster innovation, and address the complexities and challenges of the broadband ecosystem. The advent of broadband has significantly changed the way we communicate, access information, share experiences and knowledge, make business and interact with each other. Sound broadband strategies and plans are now needed to ensure that all citizens can benefit from the new applications, services and businesses opportunities brought by a broadband world... [read more]

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