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Landmark decisions from Guadalajara
More new and revised Resolutions*
New Resolutions
173 Piracy and attacks against fixed and cellular telephone networks in Lebanon
165 Deadlines for the submission of proposals and procedures for the registration of participants to conferences, assemblies and meetings of the Union
166 Number of vice-chairmen of Sector advisory groups, study groups and other groups
167 Strengthening ITU capabilities for electronic meetings and means to advance the work of the Union
168 Translation of ITU Recommendations
Revised Resolutions (Guadalajara, 2010)
2 World telecommunication/information and communication technology policy forum
4 Duration of plenipotentiary conferences of the Union
30 Special measures for the least developed countries, small island developing states, landlocked developing countries and countries with economies in transition
34 Assistance and support to countries in special need for rebuilding their telecommunication sector
36 Telecommunications/information and communication technology in the service of humanitarian assistance
41 Arrears and special arrears accounts
48 Human resources management and development
58 Strengthening of relations between ITU and regional telecommunication organizations and regional preparations for the Plenipotentiary Conference
64 Non-discriminatory access to modern telecommunication/information and communication technology facilities and services and applications, within the mandate of the ITU including applied research and transfer of technology, on mutually agreed terms
66 Documents and publications of the Union
68 World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
72 Linking strategic, financial and operational planning in ITU
91 Cost recovery for some ITU products and services
94 Auditing of the accounts of the Union
122 The evolving role of the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly
135 ITU’s role in the development of telecommunications/information and communication technologies, in providing technical assistance and advice to developing countries, and in implementing relevant national, regional and interregional projects
136 The use of telecommunication/information and communication technologies for monitoring and management in emergency and disaster situations for early warning, prevention, mitigation and relief
139 Telecommunications/information and communication technologies to bridge the digital divide and build an inclusive information society
143 Extending the provisions in ITU documents relating to developing countries to apply to countries with economies in transition
150 Approval of the accounts of the Union for the years 2006–2009
151 Implementation of results-based management (RBM) in ITU
152 Improvements of management and follow-up of the defrayal of ITU expenses by Sector Members and Associates
153 Scheduling of Council sessions and plenipotentiary conferences
157 Strengthening of the project execution function in ITU
158 Financial issues for consideration by the Council
159 Assistance and support to Lebanon for rebuilding its telecommunication networks (fixed and mobile)


* Note – This list complements the landmark decisions highlighted on pages 15–46.


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