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A word from the Governor of the State of Jalisco
Emilio González Márquez
Emilio González Márquez
photo credit: ITU/V. Martin
Emilio González Márquez
Governor of the State of Jalisco

Extending a warm welcome to participants at the 18th ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (4–22 October 2010), Emilio González Márquez, Governor of the State of Jalisco, said that the holding of such an important event in Guadalajara validated not only the city’s conference facilities, but also its status as one of Latin America’s leading manufacturing centres for high-tech electronic products used in the telecommunication and information and communication technology (ICT) sector.

“Our industrial and technology parks produce electronic goods, products for the automobile and aerospace sector, multimedia and animation products, software and designs for new products for export to the far corners of the world”, he said, adding that “Jalisco’s electronics, ICT and telecommunication industry is outstanding in terms of its quality and innovation and the talent of its specialists”.

The maquiladora (assembly) and manufacturing industry accounts on average for 70 per cent of the state of Jalisco’s total exports. It is one of the main sources of employment and has fostered the establishment of many schools to train the engineers that companies need.

Convinced that telecommunication is the most important means of reducing development gaps between nations, the Government of Jalisco is working to develop the electronics industry and to promote new technologies. “Better-informed communities have better opportunities to achieve progress and improve the well-being of their citizens. In Mexico, we are working under the leadership of President Felipe Calderón to turn this vision into reality and build a country of ever-increasing prosperity for all Mexicans,” said Governor Márquez.

Underlining that the future of the world’s telecommunications will be decided in Guadalajara, with wide-ranging consequences for the future of humanity, Governor Márquez, said: “In an increasingly global and interconnected world, telecommunications have a fundamental role to play in ensuring that knowledge can flow freely in all directions and reach even the most remote areas.”

Governor Márquez concluded by challenging participants to adopt “decisions that will promote the sound development of telecommunications in the best interests of the women and men of all nations”.


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