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Welcome to Mexico
Message from Mexico’s Minister of Communications and Transportation
Juan Francisco Molinar Horcasitas
Juan Francisco Molinar Horcasitas
Juan Francisco Molinar Horcasitas
Minister of Communications and Transportation

On behalf of the Mexican Government, I would like to welcome you all to ITU’s Plenipotentiary Conference, in Guadalajara, Mexico, on 4–22 October 2010.

For Mexicans, it is a great honour that you have chosen us to host such an important event.

The international community today faces unprecedented challenges in telecommunications. Our task is to agree on solutions. We are at a key point, where our individual views are converging to create global strategies that can contribute significantly to the development and growth of our societies.

In our country, we are working to create an appropriate environment to promote competency, competitiveness and convergence in the telecommunication sector. Through our policies and the implementation of diverse programmes, we have managed to attract investment and thereby enhance the provision of services.

We are confident that the plans and decisions that result from this conference will contribute to a more equitable and prosperous world, by extending communications and information to all the planet’s inhabitants.

I am really looking forward to working with you in Guadalajara, and hope that you have a very successful conference.


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