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Kaleidoscope 2010
Call for papers on "Beyond the Internet? Innovations for future networks and services"
Photo credit: © Sean Gladwell/Alamy

ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU–T) is calling for original papers on “Beyond the Internet? Innovations for future networks and services” from the world’s academic institutions and industry. Accepted papers will be presented during Kaleidoscope 2010, which takes place in Lonavala, Maharashtra, India, on 13–15 December 2010. Prizes worth a total of USD 10 000 will be awarded to the best three papers. The winning papers will be published in IEEE Communications Magazine, and all papers will be featured in the IEEE Xplore online catalogue. “Young Author Recognition” certificates will also be issued. The deadline for submitting papers is 30 April 2010.

Now in its third year, Kaleidoscope is an academic conference which aims at increasing dialogue between academia and experts working on the standardization of information and communication technologies (ICT). By viewing technologies through a “Kaleidoscope”, these forward-looking events also seek to identify new topics for standardization. “Beyond the Internet? Innovations for future networks and services” is the topic of this year’s event. It will examine whether a clean-slate approach is necessary for the Internet of the future.

The Internet has proved to be robust and flexible, and its continuous evolution has seen growth from a small experiment to a huge collaborative network capable of meeting the demands of an estimated 1.9 billion users today. The rise of mobile Internet access and its integration with optical transport networks present new challenges. Some experts question whether the current underlying architecture is robust enough to address future demands, or if a “clean-slate” approach is needed to develop an innovative Internet of the future.

Kaleidoscope 2010 will highlight multidisciplinary aspects: technologies enabling ICT for future services and applications, their standardization, as well as their social and economic impact. The focus will be on innovative technologies, and contributors are invited to challenge the fundamental networking design principles of the Internet.

This year, in addition to an exhibition for local universities and the presence of outstanding keynote speakers and invited papers, Kaleidoscope 2010 will host a “Standards Corner”, a series of standardization tutorials and a “Jules Verne’s Corner” — a space for science fiction writers and dreamers.

The conference is being organized by ITU–T in collaboration with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and supported by Cisco and Nokia Siemens Networks.

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