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Online WSIS Stocktaking platform measures the information society
Houlin Zhao
photo credit: ITU/V. Martiné
“The WSIS Stocktaking platform provides a new collaborative database for all WSIS stakeholders, who are implementing the WSIS outcomes.”

Houlin Zhao,
ITU Deputy Secretary-General

An upgraded online platform has been launched by ITU, through which information can be exchanged on work to achieve the targets of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). These targets include connecting, by 2015, all villages around the world, and bringing information and communication technologies (ICT) to all universities, schools, research centres, public libraries and other facilities, as well as clinics and hospitals. Local and central government departments should also be connected and accessible online.

“The WSIS Stocktaking platform will now be more interactive, providing a new collaborative database for all WSIS stakeholders, who are implementing the WSIS outcomes,” said ITU Deputy Secretary-General Houlin Zhao upon the launch of the portal in February 2010.

WSIS brought together world leaders in Geneva in 2003 and Tunis in 2005 to help build an inclusive and development-oriented information society around the globe. They also recognized the role of ICT in achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, which range from halving extreme poverty to putting all children into primary school, and from improving health care to ensuring environmental sustainability — all by 2015.

ITU has been maintaining the WSIS Stocktaking database as a publicly accessible system, and it now consists of more than 4200 entries on ICT initiatives and projects. The new stocktaking platform integrates a searchable database and improved features, such as an events calendar which will serve as a platform for tracking WSIS-related events at national, regional and international levels. In addition, users can network and create forums to exchange ideas and experiences, which could serve as effective instruments for circulating information. Future plans include developing evaluation and monitoring tools for the WSIS stocktaking process.

The online address of the new platform is More information can also be obtained from the WSIS Stocktaking team by e-mail to:


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