Test Vectors Associated to Rec. ITU-T J.341

[The files available here constitute part of the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations and are protected by copyrights laws.
You may use them during product or service development for the purpose of implementing the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations.]

These short HD video sequences will cover different distortions and contents. They are provided for testing a conformant model implementation made by an user of this Recommendation against the reference implementation of the model. The video sequences are consist of a view frames only to reduce storage capacity. They are not indented for any visual test rather only for a conformance test of the HD model implementation.

File descriptionSamples previewDownload
reference and degraded sequences:
ref_1.avi, deg_r1_1.avi
(31.0 MB zip)
ITU-T J.341 (2011-01) video_seq_part1.zip
reference and degraded sequences:
ref_2.avi, deg_r2_1.avi, deg_r2_2.avi, deg_r2_3.avi, deg_r2_4.avi
(238 MB zip)
ITU-T J.341 (2011-01) video_seq_part2.zip
reference and degraded sequences:
ref_3.avi, deg_r3_1.avi, deg_r3_2.avi, deg_r3_3.avi
(146 MB zip)
ITU-T J.341 (2011-01) video_seq_part3.zip
reference and degraded sequences:
ref_4.avi, deg_r4_1.avi, deg_r4_2.avi
(199 MB zip)
ITU-T J.341 (2011-01) video_seq_part4.zip