ITU-T J Series: Networks and transmission of television, sound programme and other multimedia signals

   Recommendation-specific signals

Recommendation ITU-T J.341: Objective perceptual multimedia video quality measurement of HDTV for digital cable television in the presence of a full reference

Rec. ITU-T J.341 provides an objective perceptual video quality measurement method for HDTV when a full reference signal is available. The following list shows example applications that can use this Recommendation:
  • Potentially real-time, in-service quality monitoring at the source;
  • Remote destination quality monitoring when a copy of the source is available at the point of measurement;
  • Quality measurement for monitoring of a storage or transmission system that utilizes video compression and decompression techniques, either a single pass or a concatenation of such techniques;
  • Lab testing of video systems.

Conformance video sequences available for download