Test Vectors Associated to Rec. ITU-T T.87

[The signals available here constitute part of the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations and are protected by copyrights laws.
You may use them during product or service development for the purpose of implementing the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations.]

Since the decoding process is uniquely defined by the encoding process, there is no separate normative definition of the encoding process.
The encoder/decoder conformance tests aim at comparing the reconstructed images with their corresponding source test images.
See information related to Rec. ITU-T T.87

Customized Packages for the conformance tests

Test PackagingPreview ImageDownload
Source Image : TEST8.PPM
Original Pixel Dimension (WxH) = 256x256; Resolution = 24 bits/pixel

Compressed file : T8CxEy.JLS
Image TEST8 compressed in color mode x={0;1;2} with near-lossless error y={0;3} (y=0 means lossless)

Reference Colour Image

Original Pixel Dimension (WxH) = 256x256/256x64/128x128;
Resolution = 8 bits/pixel (Resp.)

Compressed file : T8SSEy.JLS
Image TEST8 compressed in line-interleaved mode, with near-lossless error y={0;3} and with color components subsampled

Red Component
Green Comp. sub-sampled
Blue Comp. sub-sampled
Source Image : TEST8BS2.PGM
Original Pixel Dimension (WxH) = 128*128; Resolution = 8 bits/pixel

Compressed file : T8NDEy.JLS
Image TEST8 compressed in line-interleaved mode, with near-lossless error y={0;3} and with NON-DEFAULT parameters T1=T2=T3=9, RESET=31.

Blue Component of TEST8, sub-sampled 2X in both vertical and horizontal directions
Source Image : TEST16.PGM
Original Pixel Dimension (WxH) = 256*256; Resolution = 12 bits/pixel

Compressed file : T16Ey.JLS
Image TEST16 compressed with near-lossless error y={0;3}.

Reference Monochrome Im.