Test Vectors Associated to Rec. ITU-T T.834

[The signals available here constitute part of the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations and are protected by copyrights laws.
You may use them during product or service development for the purpose of implementing the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations.]

T.834 (10/2014) - In force:

Test PackagingDownload
2014-10 version of test vectors, JPEG XR ConformanceSuiteITU-T_T.834(2014-10)_ConformanceSuite.zip

T.834(01/2010) - Superseded:

Test PackagingPreview ImageDownload
2010-01 prepublished version of test vectors, JPEG XR ConformanceSuite ITU-T_T.834(2010-01)_ConformanceSuite.zip