ITU-T V Series: Data communication over the telephone network

Transmission quality and maintenance
Rec. ITU-T V.56 ter

Recommendation ITU-T V.56 ter: Test procedure for evaluation of 2-wire 4-kHz voiceband duplex modems

Rec. ITU-T V.56 ter is intended to provide a common basis for comparison of modem performance. Different test procedures described in this Recommendation emphasize different modem applications. The Throughput versus network model coverage test procedure, for example, is important for evaluating modem performance when used in asynchronous file transfer applications; the Error Rate versus Network Model Coverage test procedure is important for evaluating modem performance in synchronous or asynchronous network applications.
No single test is comprehensive enough to determine which modem will perform best in all applications, but this series of tests permits the gathering of sufficient data on a modem to determine its strengths and weaknesses.
Individual users shall decide which factors are important for their particular application or applications.
This Recommendation specifies the procedures for testing 2-Wire 4-kHz Voiceband Duplex Modems that operate over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). These procedures apply regardless of the manufacturer, type, or implementation of the modem.
This Recommendation contains the data files that shall be used for the throughput tests. These files represent different types of data that might be transferred between modems in typical user applications.

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