H Series: Audiovisual and multimedia systems

   General purpose signals

Recommendation ITU-T H Supplement 1

[The signals available here constitute part of the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations and are protected by copyrights laws.
You may use them during product or service development for the purpose of implementing the corresponding ITU-T Recommendations.]
The video clip "Irene" is the test material of Rec. ITU-T H Supplement 1.
This video sequence presents sign language intended to be used as test material for video coding.
It contains sign language performed at natural speed.
It shows the head-to-stomach view that is usually used in personal use of videophones for signing.
By clicking on the Play button, you can see a part of test sequence "Irene".
It is an approximate representation sequence of the finger-spelled word "Edsviken".
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By clicking on the download button, you can get the entire Irene video clip provided in 3 formats:
File name Size Property Location


3 261 Kbytes

MPEG-1 coded in CIF resolution at 25 fps

Sign_Irene.cif 80 190 Kbytes YCbCr 4:2:0 format in CIF resolution at 25 fps


20 048 Kbytes

YCbCr 4:2:0 format in QCIF resolution at 25 fps

CIF              Common Interchange Format (352 per 288 pixels)
QCIF           Quarter CIF (176 per 144 pixels)
fps              Frames per second; pictures per second
All rights are reserved.
The material may only be used for the research and development of products to be used by deaf people.
The material may not be included in commercial products without the permission of the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company.
All other use of the material is prohibited.