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SG2 registered as T13-SG02-130917-TD-GEN-0154 for meeting [Geneva, 17-26 September 2013]
SG16 registered as T13-SG16-131028-TD-GEN-0077 for meeting [Geneva, 28 October - 8 November 2013]
TSAG registered as T13-TSAG-130604-TD-GEN-0009 for meeting [Geneva, 4-7 June 2013]
In response to: JCA-SG HN - LS 2
Source: FG AVA
Title: Reply LS to JCA-SG&HN on activities related to smart grid (JCA- SG&HN-OLS2)
Approval date: 2013-01-23
Deadline date: 2013-05-31
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FG AVA - LS 21R1Reply LS to JCA-SG&HN on activities related to smart grid (JCA- SG&HN-OLS2)FG AVAJCA-SG HN; SG2; SG16; TSAG; 2013-01-23
JCA-SG HN - LS 2Activities related to smart gridJCA-SG HNETSI; JCA-ICT&CC; JCA-Mgt; JCA-AHF; JCA-IdM; JCA-NID; JCA-IPTV; JCA-CIT; JCA-NGN; FG FN; FG CarCom; ITU-R WP 1A; ISO; IEC; FG ICT&CC; TTC; IEEE SA; CENELEC; SGIP; JCA-IoT and SC&C; FG Distraction; FG AVA; JCA-Cloud; FG Innovation; FG-DR&NRR; FG M2M; JCA-COP; BROADBAND FORUM; SG2; SG3; SG5; SG9; SG11; SG12; SG13; SG15; SG16; SG17; TSAG; CEN/CENELEC/ETSI SGCG; 2012-10-19