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Resolution 647 (WRC-07):
Available frequencies/frequency bands for use in Emergency and Disaster Relief situations
Standard operating procedures and national spectrum management practices



Administration: Seychelles (Republic of)



Name & Address
Mobile phone
Vice - President's Office
Department of Information Communications Technology (DICT)
Communications Division
3rd Floor, Caravelle House, Manglier Street
P.O. Box 737, Victoria
Seychelles (Republic of)
+248 286600
+248 225325 communications@ict.gov.sc


Column Titles:

Adm - Administration   Geo ‑ Geographical Area    Freq ‑ Frequency/Frequency Band    Cls ‑ Class of Station    Emi ‑ Designation of Emission    Mode ‑ Mode of Operation    Pwr ‑ Transmitter Power    Time ‑ Time‑of‑day Operation    Date ‑ Date of Receipt    Ref: Circular Letters CR/288, CR/323


Information submitted by the Administration:

AdmGeoFreqCall SignClsEmiModePwrTimeRemarksDate
SEYSEY 29777 kHz  FL
2K80J3E--S21 dBWH24 25.07.2012
SEYSEY 29770 kHz  FL
2K80J3E--S21 dBWH24 25.07.2012
SEYSEY 4515 kHz  FB
2K80J3E--S21 dBWH24 25.07.2012
SEYSEY 4508 kHz  FB
2K80J3E--S21 dBWH24 25.07.2012


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