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 Constitution of ITU: Chapter IV - Telecommunication Development Sector

ARTICLE 21 - Functions and Structure


1 1) The functions of the Telecommunication Development Sector shall be to fulfil the purposes of the Union as stated in Article 1 of this Constitution and to discharge, within its specific sphere of competence, the Union’s dual responsibility as a United Nations specialized agency and executing agency for implementing projects under the United Nations development system or other funding arrangements so as to facilitate and enhance telecommunications development by offering, organizing and coordinating technical cooperation and assistance activities.


2) The activities of the Radiocommunication, Telecommunication Standardization and Telecommunication Development Sectors shall be the subject of close cooperation with regard to matters relating to development, in accordance with the relevant provisions of this Constitution.


2 Within the foregoing framework, the specific functions of the Telecommunication Development Sector shall be to:


a) raise the level of awareness of decision-makers concerning the important role of telecommunications in the national economic and social development programme, and provide information and advice on possible policy and structural options;


b)promote, especially by means of partnership, the development, expansion and operation of telecommunication networks and services, particularly in developing countries, taking into account the activities of other relevant bodies, by reinforcing capabilities for human resources development, planning, management, resource mobilization, and research and development;


c) enhance the growth of telecommunications through cooperation with regional telecommunications organizations and with global and regional development financing institutions, monitoring the status of projects included in its development programme to ensure that they are properly executed;


d) activate the mobilization of resources to provide assistance in the field of telecommunications to developing countries by promoting the establishment of preferential and favourable lines of credit, and cooperating with international and regional financial and development institutions;


e) promote and coordinate programmes to accelerate the transfer of appropriate technologies to the developing countries in the light of changes and developments in the networks of the developed countries;


f) encourage participation by industry in telecommunication development in developing countries, and offer advice on the choice and transfer of appropriate technology;


g) offer advice, carry out or sponsor studies, as necessary, on technical, economic, financial, managerial, regulatory and policy issues, including studies of specific projects in the field of telecommunications;


h) collaborate with the other Sectors, the General Secretariat and other concerned bodies in developing a general plan for international and regional telecommunication networks so as to facilitate the coordination of their development with a view to the provision of telecommunication services;


i) in carrying out the above functions, give special attention to the requirements of the least developed countries.


3 The Telecommunication Development Sector shall work through:


a) world and regional telecommunication development conferences;


b) telecommunication development study groups;


b bis) the Telecommunication Development Advisory Group;


c) the Telecommunication Development Bureau headed by the elected Director.


4 The Telecommunication Development Sector shall have as members:


a)of right, the administrations of all Member States;


b)any entity or organization which becomes a Sector Member in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention.

ARTICLE 22 - Telecommunication Development Conferences


1 Telecommunication development conferences shall be a forum for the discussion and consideration of topics, projects and programmes relevant to telecommunication development and for the provision of direction and guidance to the Telecommunication Development Bureau.


2 Telecommunication development conferences shall comprise:


a) world telecommunication development conferences;


b) regional telecommunication development conferences.


3 There shall be, between two Plenipotentiary Conferences, one world telecommunication development conference and, subject to resources and priorities, regional telecommunication development conferences.


4 Telecommunication development conferences shall not produce Final Acts. Their conclusions shall take the form of resolutions, decisions, recommendations or reports. These conclusions must in all circumstances be in conformity with this Constitution, the Convention and the Administrative Regulations. When adopting resolutions and decisions, the conferences shall take into account the foreseeable financial implications and should avoid adopting resolutions and decisions which might give rise to expenditure in excess of the financial limits laid down by the Plenipotentiary Conference.


5 The duties of telecommunication development conferences are specified in the Convention.

(PP-98) ARTICLE 23 -  Telecommunication Development Study Groups and Advisory Group


The respective duties of telecommunication development study groups and advisory group are specified in the Convention.

ARTICLE 24 - Telecommunication Development Bureau


The functions of the Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau are specified in the Convention.



























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