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Study Group 11 - Signalling requirements, protocols and test specifications
Study Group Structure - Study Period (2013-2016)
CASC   Conformity Assessment Steering Committee 
WP1/11   Signalling requirements and protocol for emerging networks 
Q1/11   Signalling and protocol architectures in emerging telecommunication environments 
Q2/11   Signalling requirements and protocols for service and application in emerging telecommunication environments 
Q3/11   Signalling Requirements and Protocol for Emergency Telecommunications 
WP2/11   Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and resource control 
Q4/11   Signalling requirements and protocols for Bearer and Resource control in emerging telecommunication environments 
Q5/11   Protocol procedures relating to services provided by Broadband Network Gateways 
Q6/11   Protocol procedures relating to specific services over IPv6 
WP3/11   Attachment and service networking 
Q7/11   Signalling and control requirements and protocols for network attachment supporting multi-screen service, future networks, and M2M 
Q8/11   Guidelines for implementations of signalling and protocols, and for addressing counterfeit ICT devices 
Q9/11   Protocols supporting distributed, smart service networking and end-to-end multicast 
WP4/11   Conformance and Interoperability (C&I) testing 
Q10/11   Service and networks benchmarking measurements 
Q11/11   Protocols and networks test specifications; frameworks and methodologies 
Q12/11   Internet of things test specifications 
Q13/11   Monitoring parameters for protocols and emerging networks 
Q14/11   Cloud interoperability testing 
Q15/11   Testing as a service (TAAS) 
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