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Rapporteur Group Meetings (extended view)

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DatesPlace / HostStatusWPDetailsTitleObjectives
2014-01-22 E-Meeting/ITU via GoToMeeting ConfirmedWP2/16 Q28/16 [meeting report] ITU-T Q28/16 H.MEDX discussions a) Streamlining and updating the references
b) Resolution of "architectural ambiguity"
c) National workflow
d) Harmonization with Continua Guidelines
2018-04-30 Switzerland [Geneva]/ITU ConfirmedWP2/16 Q28/16 ITU-T Q28/16 Rapporteurs Group Meeting To discuss F.SLD
E-Meeting ConfirmedWP1/16 Q14/16 Q14/16 meeting #2 -
2018-05-22 E-Meeting/via Goto meeting PlannedWP2/16 Q28/16 Q28/16 e-meeting The purpose of this meeting is to progress the work on F.SLD.
2018-06-06 E-Meeting/ITU via Goto meeting PlannedWP1/16 Q13/16 Q13/16 e-meeting To progress on the active work items such as H.IPTV-SBM, H.IPTV-MDS, H.IPTV-MAFR.14, H.721 and H.761.