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Rapporteur Group Meetings (extended view)

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DatesPlace / HostStatusWPDetailsTitleObjectives
E-Meeting ConfirmedWP1/16 Q14/16 Q14/16 meeting #1 - Improvement of H.DS-AM, H.DS-DCI and H.DS-PISR
China [Shanghaï]/China Telecom ConfirmedWP1/16 Q21/16 ITU-T Q21/16 Rapporteurs Group Meeting The Objectives for this meeting are to progress work on F.CCVSReqs, H.IVSArch, F.CCNMMS, H.VCDN.1-NV, H.CDNFI, H.LLS-FW, F.IQAS-META, F.WSA, F.EMSarch, HSTP-DIS-UAV, H.VSCC, F.DLS, F.CUAV, F.VSBD, F.NG-CDN, H.FRAVSReqs, H.CDN-PMTM.
United States [San Diego, California]/ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 WG11 (MPEG) ConfirmedWP3/16 Q6/16 ITU-T Q6/16 & JCT-VC & JVET Continuation of the agenda items from the January 2018 meeting:
– Address any AAP comments submitted in the approval process of H.265 (V5)
– Organizational preparation, assessment of the results of the Joint Call for Proposals issued at the Oct. 2017 meeting, and launch JVET work on a potential future video standard development project (in coordination with MPEG) with a compression capability substantially beyond the capabilities of HEVC and its current extensions
– Progress the work on development of reference software and conformance tests for Q6/16 video and image coding Recommendations
– Address maintenance needs and proposed enhancements for Q6/16 video and image coding and signal type identification Recommendations
– Collect verification testing data and non-normative information for assisting in the use and deployment of Recommendations in the domain of Q6/16
– Prepare a new supplement on prevalent industry usage of video signal type code points for video content production
– Evaluate proposals for specification of supplemental enhancement information and video usability information metadata for HEVC and AVC
– Coordinate and communicate with MPEG, JPEG, and other organizations regarding image and video coding and the work of Q6/16, JCT-VC, and JVET
– Plan for future work of Q6/16, JCT-VC, and JVET
2018-04-17 Switzerland [Geneva]/ITU PlannedWP2/16 Q26/16 12th IRG-AVA meeting – Liaison with IEC/JTC1 SC35 on guidelines for access services; views of ITU-R SG6, ITU-T-SG16, SG9
– Prospects for collaboration on the IEC Roadmap for Accessibility, IEC SyC-AAL
– Progress on studies reported at the last meeting
– Prospects for a common TT closed captioning system
– Prospects for a common TT audio description system, including signalling
– Possible ITU-R Workshop on Accessibility in Autumn 2018
2018-04-30 Switzerland [Geneva]/ITU ConfirmedWP2/16 Q28/16 ITU-T Q28/16 Rapporteurs Group Meeting To discuss F.SLD
E-Meeting ConfirmedWP1/16 Q14/16 Q14/16 meeting #2 -
2018-06-06 E-Meeting/ITU via Goto meeting PlannedWP1/16 Q13/16 Q13/16 e-meeting To progress on the active work items such as H.IPTV-SBM, H.IPTV-MDS, H.IPTV-MAFR.14, H.721 and H.761.