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Rapporteur Group Meetings (extended view)

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DatesPlace / HostStatusWPDetailsTitleObjectives
2017-08-16 E-Meeting/e-meeting via GoTo meeting PlannedWP1/16 Q13/16 Q13/16 e-meeting - To discuss H.IPTV-TDES.5, H.IPTV-MARF.13 and H.IPTV-MARF.14
2017-09-05 E-Meeting/e-meeting via GoTo meeting PlannedWP1/16 Q14/16 Q14/16 e-meeting - To discuss those and other documents planned to be sent for consent.
2017-09-06 E-Meeting PlannedWP1/16 Q13/16 Q13/16 e-meeting -
2017-09-18 Switzerland [Geneva]/ITU Headquarters ConfirmedWP2/16 Q28/16 Q28/16 Rapporteur meeting - To make progress on the draft Recommendation "Guidelines on Safe-listening devices/systems (F.SLD)"
2017-10-03 Switzerland [Geneva]/ITU ConfirmedWP2/16 Q26/16 11th IRG-AVA meeting - Report from last meeting
- Progress in discussions with ISO/IEC JTC1 SC35 about common Recommendations
- Progress in organizing a joint workshop on the frontiers of access technology (ITU-R SG6; ITU-T SG9, SG12, SG16; ITU-T Q7/1)
- Prospects for a common TT captioning system for production and archiving
- Any other business