ITU-T Study Group 12 - List of Questions (2013-2016)

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Q1/12   SG 12 work programme and QoS/QoE coordination in the ITU?T TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q2/12   Definitions, guides and frameworks related to QoS/QoE TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q3/12   Speech transmission characteristics of communication terminals for fixed circuit-switched, mobile and packet-switched (IP) networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q4/12   Hands-free communication and user interfaces in vehicles TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
QSDG   Quality of Service Development Group TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q5/12   Telephonometric methodologies for handset and headset terminals TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q6/12   Analysis methods using complex measurement signals including their application for speech enhancement techniques and hands-free telephony TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q7/12   Methods, tools and test plans for the subjective assessment of speech, audio and audiovisual quality interactions TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q8/12   E-Model extension in wideband transmission and future telecommunication and application scenarios TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q9/12   Perceptual-based objective methods for voice, audio and visual quality measurements in telecommunication services TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q10/12   Conferencing and telemeeting assessment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q11/12   Performance interworking and traffic management for Next Generation Networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q12/12   Operational aspects of telecommunication network service quality TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q13/12   QoE, QoS and performance requirements and assessment methods for multimedia TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q14/12   Development of parametric models and tools for multimedia quality assessment TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q15/12   Objective assessment of speech and sound transmission performance quality in networks TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q16/12   Framework for diagnostic functions and their interaction with external objective models predicting media quality TEXT   WORK ITEMS  
Q17/12   Performance of packet-based networks and other networking technologies TEXT   WORK ITEMS