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ITU-T Study Group 03 - Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues
List of Editors (Study Period 2013-2016)
D6_R_ROAM    SG3RG-AFR   Lukas Musembi
Email: musembi[at]  
D600R_AnnexE    SG3RG-AFR   Joséphine Adou Biendjui
Email: adou[at]  
D.50Supp_IXP   Action plan for establishing and connecting regional IXPs  Q1/3   Jafar Sattari Aghjai
Email: j.sattari[at]  
D.50Supp_OTT   OTTs in the context of IIC  Q1/3   Aminata Drame
Email: aminata.drame[at]  
D.UnivServ   Universal Service in the context of IIC  Q1/3   Tito Lopez
Email: tito[at]  
D.MFS   Competition in Mobile Financial Services  Q2/3   Abdul N. Musoke
Email: amusoke[at]  
      Ahmed Said
Email: asaid[at]  
D.MFSCM   Mobile Financial Services Transaction Cost Model  Q2/3   Ahmed Said
Email: asaid[at]  
      Abdul N. Musoke
Email: amusoke[at]  
D.ROAM   International Mobile Roaming  Q2/3   Eriko Hondo
Email: hondo[at]  
      Adel Darwish
Email: adarwish[at]  
D.GVR   Towards better governance of telecommunication regulation  Q3/3   Abdelkhalek Boujnah
Email: abdelkhalek.boujnah[at]  
D.OTT   Economic Impact of OTTs  Q3/3   Ahmed Said
Email: asaid[at]  
D.SMP   Regulatory principles for market definition and identification of operators with significant market power - SMP  Q3/3   Abraao Balbino e Silva
Email: asilva[at]  
STUDY_OTT   Study on Economic Impact of OTTs  Q3/3   Ahmed Said
Email: asaid[at]  
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