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ITU-T Study Group 02 - Operational aspects
List of Editors (Study Period 2013-2016)
E.101   Definitions of terms used for identifiers (names, numbers, addresses and other identifiers) for public telecommunication services and networks in the E-series Recommendations  Q1/2   Joakim Strålmark
Email: joakim.stralmark[at]  
E.129   Presentation of national numbering plans  Q1/2   Anne-Valérie Heuschen
Email: anne[at]  
E.156   Guidelines for ITU-T actions on reported misuse on E.164 number resources  Q1/2   Philip Rushton
Email: philrushton[at]  
E.157   Guidelines for ITU-T action on reported misuse of E.164 number resources  Q1/2   Philip Rushton
Email: philrushton[at]  
      Joakim Strålmark
Email: joakim.stralmark[at]  
E.164.1   Criteria and procedures for the reservation, assignment and reclamation of E.164 country codes and associated identification codes (ICs)  Q1/2   Tony Holmes
Email: tonyarholmes[at]  
      Karen Mulberry
Email: mulberry[at]  
      Andy Pitts
Email: andy.r.pitts[at]  
E.164.2   E.164 numbering resources for trials  Q1/2   Vacant
E.195   International numbering resource administration  Q1/2   James F. Baskin
Email: james.f.baskin[at]  
E.210   Ship station identification for VHF/UHF and maritime mobile-satellite services  Q1/2   Tony Holmes
Email: tonyarholmes[at]  
E.217   Maritime communications - Ship station identity  Q1/2   Tony Holmes
Email: tonyarholmes[at]  
E.A-ENUM   Principles and procedures for the administration of E.164 country codes for registration into the Domain Name System  Q1/2   Vacant
E.A-N/GoC   Administrative procedures for ENUM for E.164 country codes and associated ICs for networks and GICs for groups of countries  Q1/2   Vacant
E.IoT-NNAI   NNAI for Internet of Things  Q1/2   Tony Holmes
Email: tonyarholmes[at]  
E.164 Supplement 2   Number Portability  Q2/2   Koji Isshiki
Email: koji.isshiki[at]  
E.spn   Management and asssignment of global Service Provider Numbers (SPN)  Q2/2   Vacant
SPN use case   Management and Assignment of Global Service Provider Numbers (SPN)  Q2/2   Philippe Fouquart
Email: philippe.fouquart[at]  
E.119   Requirements for Safety Confirmation and Broadcast Message Service for Disaster Relief  Q3/2   Noriyuki Araki
Email: araki.noriyuki[at]  
E.RDR   Requirements for Disaster Relief Systems  Q3/2   Kazuo Nakamura
Email: kazuo-nakamura[at]  
      Noriyuki Araki
Email: araki.noriyuki[at]  
E.FAST   User interface for face-to-face speech translation considering human factors  Q4/2   Miran Choi
Email: miranc[at]  
E.OKID   On-screen keyboards for ICT devices  Q4/2   Hyuk Jeong
Email: jay[at]  
M.cbnmsa   Cloud-based network management system architecture  Q6/2   Zhi Li WANG
Email: zlwang[at]  
      Qiaogang Chen
Email: chen.qiaogang[at]  
M.3020   Management interface specification methodology  Q7/2   Knut Johannessen
Email: knut.johannessen[at]  
X.mfsiwt   The measurement framework for the statistical indicators of website traffic  Q7/2   Xiuying Nie
Email: niexiuying[at]  
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