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Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R)  
Bringing into use of satellite network frequency assignments 
Bringing into use information submitted in conjunction with a submission under § 4.1.12/4.2.16 of Appendices 30 and 30A (Part B) or § 6.17 of Appendix 30B (A6B)
This webpage provides bringing into use information submitted in conjunction with a Part B submission under § 4.1.12/4.2.16 of Appendices 30 and 30A (Part B) or § 6.17 of Appendix 30B (A6B).

This information has been provided in order to assist administrations and satellite operators in advance before a conclusion is drawn on the outcome of a Part B/A6B submission. For those cases with a favorable outcome, the network is treated under Article 5 of Appendices 30 and 30A or Article 8 of Appendix 30B. Once the network is published under Part I-S, the bringing into use information is transferred to the main Bringing into Use webpage.

Meaning of the symbol in the column "Status":

  N : Not yet confirmed, the date in the column "Date of bringing into use" is the foreseen date
  I : Initial information on bringing into use
  C : Confirmed brought into use, No. 11.44B conditions fullfilled.

Please note that the Notice Id indicated in the first column of the table is that of the associated submission under § 4.1.3/4.2.6 of Appendices 30 and 30A (Part A) or § 6.1 of Appendix 30B (A6A).

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Last update of the database: 14.04.2014

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Total line = 9/9
Notice ID
Satellite Name
(SNL Part B)
ADMORGLong_nomDate of receipt
of the notice
Date of bringing
into use
StatusExpiry Date for
Bringing Into Use
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109559008 AMS-30B-65E  ISR  65 01.01.2014 23.12.2013 C 21.04.2017 Part I-S A30B#8.1  
114560001 CAN-BSS1X  CAN  -82 10.01.2014 15.09.2013 C 01.05.2014 Part I-S 5.1.2/5.1.6  
114560002 CAN-BSS2X  CAN  -91.1 10.01.2014 15.09.2013 C 01.05.2014 Part I-S 5.1.2/5.1.6  
105559068 CSDRN-M  RUS  95 22.11.2013 26.06.2012 C 23.12.2013 Part I-S A30B#8.1  
114560003 GRC15002  GRC  39 22.01.2014 18.10.2013 C 14.09.2015 Part I-S 5.1.2  
114560004 GRC15002  GRC  39 22.01.2014 18.10.2013 C 14.09.2015 Part I-S 5.1.6  
105559046 SIRIUS-30B-5E-3  S   12.12.2013 01.10.2013 C 15.12.2013 Part I-S A30B#8.1  
105559069 VSSRD-2M  RUS  167 22.11.2013 23.12.2012 C 23.12.2013 Part I-S A30B#8.1  
105559067 WSDRN-M  RUS  -16 28.11.2013 12.12.2012 C 23.12.2013 Part I-S A30B#8.1  


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