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[International monitoring]

[I. Regular Monitoring Programme

[This publication contains spectrum monitoring information submitted by administrations in accordance with BR Circular-letter CR/159 of 9 May 2001. It is divided in several data files each of which contains observations corresponding to the following periods:]

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Monitoring PeriodDate of last update
34234201.04.14 - 30.06.1419.05.2014
34134101.01.14 - 31.03.1425.04.2014
34034001.10.13 - 31.12.1316.04.2014
33933901.07.13 - 30.09.1313.02.2014
33833801.04.13 - 30.06.1315.04.2014
33733701.01.13 - 31.03.1307.08.2013

[II. Archive of Regular Monitoring Programme

[III. List of International Monitoring Stations (List VIII)

[IV. Monitoring Programme band 406-406.1 MHz (Resolution 205, COSPAS-SARSAT)

The objective of this programme is to identify and locate unauthorized emissions in the band 406-406.1 MHz that cause harmful interference to the reception of satellite EPIRB signals of the COSPAS-SARSAT system. The Administrations participating in this monitoring programme provide their reports to the Bureau in application of Resolution 205 (Rev. WRC-12). Upon receipt of the reports, the Radiocommunication Bureau immediately contacts the Administrations responsible for the area where the unauthorized transmitters are located, requesting them to take immediate action with a view to stopping the emissions.

For accessing the individual reports received, click here.

For consulting the consolidated database query facilities, click here.


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