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Сектор радиосвязи (МСЭ-R)  
Последние циркуляры

21 Apr 2016CR/392List of international monitoring stations - List VIII
15 Apr 2016CR/398Minutes of the 71st meeting of the Radio Regulations Board (1-5 February 2016)
08 Apr 2016CR/397Publication of information under Nos. 11.41 and 11.41A of the Radio Regulations
08 Apr 2016CA/228Invitation to participate in the work of the Radiocommunication Study Groups, Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG), Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) and the Coordination Committee for Vocabulary (CCV) during the study period 2015-2019
01 Apr 2016CR/395International Satellite Communication Symposium (Geneva, 13-14 June 2016) Interference-Free Satellite Frequency Spectrum: "Myth or Reality in 2016"
31/03CR/396Use of one space station to bring frequency assignments to geostationary-satellite networks at different orbital locations into use within a short period of time
31/03CTITU/105Application of No. 9.5D of the Radio Regulations to APIs data received between 1 July and 30 September 2014
22/035/LCCE/59Invitation for submission of proposals for candidate radio interface technologies for the terrestrial components of the radio interface(s) for IMT-2020 and invitation to participate in their subsequent evaluation
18/034/LCCE/119PDF (acrobat) - Meetings of Working Parties 4A, 4B and 4C (6 - 22 April 2016)
18/03CR/394Introduction of new Class of station symbols for a station in the Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (AMS) (R) service and the AMS (OR) service
18/03CR/393Introduction of a new Class of station symbol UF, for an earth station in motion communicating with geostationary space stations in the fixed-satellite service in the frequency bands referred to under provision No. 5.527A
15/035/LCCE/58Twenty-fourth meeting of Working Party 5D on IMT systems (Geneva, 14-22 June 2016)
14/03CCRR/55Draft Rule of Procedure concerning the treatment of request for coordination or notification notices of satellite networks received prior to the entry into force of a WRC decision


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