Multilingual Domain Names: Joint ITU / WIPO Symposium
International Conference Center of Geneva (CICG)
December 6-7, 2001





In association with the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium

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Day One

  • The Internet Domain Name System, David Lawrence, NominumPowerPoint
  • Briefing Paper - Overview of the Development of Multilingual Internet Names, Hirofumi Hotta, Japan Registry Service, PowerPoint
  • Policy and Co-ordination Issues Raised by Multilingual Internet Names, Dr Tan Tin Wee, Multilingual Internet Names Consortium,  PowerPoint
  • Arabic Internet Names Consortium (AINC), Nasser Alshawaf, AINC,  PowerPoint
  • Multilingual Domain Names: The Korean Perspective, Young-Eum Lee, Korea Network Information Center, PowerPoint
  • Multilingual Domain Names: Activities in Japan, Hirofumi Hotta, Japan Registry Service,  PowerPoint
  • Multilingual Domain Names: European Perspective, Richard Delmas, European Commission, PowerPoint
  • National and Regional Approaches to Multilingual Internet Names: Asia Pacific Perspective, Dr Tan Tin Wee, Asia Pacific Network Group,  PowerPoint
  • An Overview of VeriSign Global Registry Services' Internationalized Domain Names Testbed, Michael Aisenberg, VeriSign,  PowerPoint
  • and Multilingual Domain Names, Andy Duff,,  PowerPoint
  • Internationalization of Domain Names, James Seng, IETF,  PowerPoint
  • Internationalized Domain Names: Overview of ICANN Activities, Masanobu Katoh, ICANN IDN WG,   PowerPoint
  • Keywords: The Future of Multilingual Naming, Lauren Gelman, RealNames Corp., PowerPoint


Day Two

  • Intellectual Property and Identifiers, Dr. Francis Gurry, Assistant Director General and Legal Counsel, WIPO, PowerPoint
  • Multilingual trademarks in the physical world: Marks Registration in Jordan, Mr Samer Al-Tarawneh, Director, Directorate of Industrial Property, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Jordan, PowerPoint
  • Protection des marques en cyrillique, Mr. Evgeny Zinkevich, Chef de la Division des Marques, De l’Office des Brevets du Bélarus, Word document

  • Multilingual trademarks and domain names in an enterprise (Policy considerations for internationally active enterprises), Dr. Gerd F. Kunze, Walder Wyss & Partners, Switzerland,  Word document
  • Multilingual trademarks in the physical world
        (ii)  The enterprise perspective
    Mr. Florent Gevers, Bureau Gevers, Belgium,
    Word document, PowerPoint
  • The Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), Mr. Erik Wilbers, Deputy Director, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, PowerPoint
  • Maintaining the ‘U’ in the UDRP, Ms. Jane Mutimear, Partner, Bird & Bird, United Kingdom, PowerPoint 
  • Keywords: A Fresh Approach to a Multilingual Internet, Dr Yves Arrouye,  RealNames Corporation, PowerPoint
  • Native Language Internet Address, Chang Hun Lee, Netpia, PowerPoint
  • Survey of UDRP Multilingual Cases, Eun-Joo Min, WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center,  PowerPoint


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