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Programme Production and Quality Assessment

Results:16 total items.
Contributions  [ Source: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title
[ 205 ]  
2014-09-09 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Comments on Document 6C/322 "Response to ITU-R Working Party 6C on advanced sound system for programme production"    
[ 201 ]  
2014-03-17 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Comments on Document 6C/292 - Parameter values for extended dynamic range television systems    
[ 188 ]  
2014-03-12 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Revision of Report ITU-R BS.2266 "Framework of future audio broadcasting systems"    
[ 176 ]  
2014-03-05 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Image dynamic range in television systems - Proposed OETF/EOTF transfer characteristics for high dynamic range signals compatible with the conventional gamma curve    
[ 150 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Proposal for a draft new Question ITU-R [SCENE SCALING]/6 - Scaling object-based and scene-based representation to ensure audio-visual coherence in different reproduction scenarios    
[ 149 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Consideration on quality evaluation and linking reproduction and production environments using quality levels for advanced sound systems    
[ 148 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , C.B.S., Inc.   Soliciting adoption of preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R BT.[HQPROD] currently attached as Annex 2 to Document 6C/176    
[ 147 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , C.B.S., Inc.   Proposed new Opinion of Study Group 6 - New television programme and post-production method for improved picture quality in programme distribution and broadcasting    
[ 146 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , C.B.S., Inc.   Comments on Document 6C/188 on comfortable viewing of stereoscopic three-dimensional television (3DTV) images    
[ 140 ]  
2013-11-01 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Impact of 120 fps acquisition in 50 Hz territories on emission encoding    
[ 72 ]  
2012-10-08 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   New quality measures for the next generation of broadcasting and audio content delivery    
[ 56 ]  
2012-10-05 Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK) (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) , British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Report on a progress of UHDTV - London olympics super hi-vision public viewing operations    
[ 55 ]  
2012-10-04 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Test data from MUSHRA tests using proposed new low anchor    
[ 54 ]  
2012-10-04 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Recommendations covering measurement and control of loudness    
[ 36 ]  
2012-04-12 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)   Support to Document 6C/[NHK]    
[ 2 ]  
2012-03-24 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) , C.B.S., Inc.   Proposed draft new Recommendation ITU-R BS.[3DTV-AUD] - Audio system for the production and international exchange of stereoscopic (3DTV) television programs for broadcasting    
Results:16 total items.
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