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Study Group 1

Results:11 total items.
Information Documents  [ Questions: Q07-3/1 ]   Documents / Contributions
Received Source Title Questions
[ 61 ]  
2013-08-27 BDT Focal Point for Question 10-3/1   GSR13 Best practice guidelines on the evolving roles of both regulation and the regulators in a digital environment     Q18-2/1, Q10-3/1, Q07-3/1  
[ 60 ]  
2013-08-20 Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of)   Evolution de la réglementation et du cadre institutionnel dans le secteur des Télécommunications/TIC en Côte d'Ivoire     Q18-2/1, Q12-3/1, Q10-3/2, Q10-3/1, Q07-3/1  
[ 58 ]  
2013-08-14 Rapporteur for Question 7-3/1 , BDT Focal Point for Question 7-3/1   ITU press release on     Q07-3/1  
[ 57 ]  
2013-08-01 India (Republic of)   Comprehensive study on universal access to broadband services. Indian experience and international scenario     Q07-3/1  
[ 31 ]  
2011-08-09 Korea (Republic of)   The informatization promotion fund in Korea     Q07-3/1  
[ 26 ]  
2011-08-19 Egypt (Arab Republic of)   Analysis of factors that influence both the demand of broadband services and the deployment of broadband networks     Q25/2, Q07-3/1  
[ 20 ]  
2011-08-19 Burundi (Republic of)   Connectivité rurale et accès universel     Q07-3/1  
[ 17 ]  
2011-08-18 Uganda (Republic of)   Uganda's approach to implementing broadband connectivity in underserved areas     Q17-3/2, Q14-3/2, Q10-3/2, Q07-3/1  
[ 15 ]  
2011-08-18 Korea (Republic of)   Enhanced broadband building authentication programme     Q07-3/1  
[ 2 ]  
2010-09-07 Korea (Republic of)   Korean Case Study of Inducing Middle-aged People to Use Internet     Q10-3/2, Q07-3/1  
[ 1 ]  
2010-09-07 Democratic Republic of the Congo   Mise en ?uvre de l'accès universel haut débit - Cas de la République démocratique du Congo     Q07-3/1  
Results:11 total items.
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