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  • Cybersecurity - what does it mean?

    Reflecting the theme of World Telecommunication Day on 17 May, the focus of this edition of ITU News is on cybersecurity. But what, exactly, does that word cover? As information and communication technologies (ICT) advance more and more rapidly, language has sometimes struggled to keep up. The definitions of terms such as "digital" have been widened far beyond their original senses, becoming somewhat vague in the process.

    In the case of "cybersecurity" it too can be used as an umbrella term covering a multitude of topics. However, there is general agreement that the fundamental elements of cybersecurity are these: the protection of ICT equipment, software and networks - and the data they contain -against threats to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. That is, making sure that data remain private, unchanged, and accessible to authorized users.

    Cybersecurity also concerns the content and use of data transmitted through ICT networks. The aim is to prevent spam and such malicious activities as fraud, infringement of copyright, or the spreading of child pornography and other undesirable materials. In all its elements, cybersecurity is likely to be an issue of increasing importance to individuals and nations alike.

  • Promoting global cybersecurity

    Message from Yoshio Utsumi, ITU Secretary-General

  • ITU at a glance

    Highlights from recent events

  • ISPs in the fight against spam

    As well as being a costly annoyance, spam is a major vector of computer viruses. How are internet service providers helping to tackle the problem?

  • Australia’s anti-spam efforts

    Spotlight on the world’s first code of practice for ISPs

  • Mobile operators join forces against spam

    Leading mobile phone companies are cooperating to tackle spam sent via text and picture messages




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Promoting Global Cybersecurity

N° 04
May 2006

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ITU News is the official magazine of the International Telecommunication Union published 10 times a year in English, French and Spanish. First published in 1869 as the Journal télégraphique, ITU News renders a first-hand account of the Union’s activities and the global issues of concern to people from all areas of the telecommunications industry. The magazine carries 40 pages on average and is read in the 191 member States of the Union and in more than 700 private sector companies that are Members of ITU.


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