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Temporary Documents

[001] (PL) Draft structure of the World Telecommunication Standardization Conference (Geneva, 1996)
[002] (PL) Allocation of documents/Attribution des documents/Attribución de los documentos
[003] (C5) Draft list of Recommendations proposed by Committee 5 for approval
[004] (C5) Draft list of Recommendations proposed by Committee 5 for deletion
[005] (C4) Chairman of Committe 4: Summary of proposals made by Members, TSAG and Study Groups on Study Group structure, mandate and work programme for 1997-2000 study period
[006] (C4) Chairmen of Study Groups 4,11 and 15: Proposed allocation of TMN Questions
[007] Work Plan of the period/Programme de travail de la période/Plan de trabajo del periodo 10.10.96 - 14.10.96
[008] (C3) Resolution 23 as proposed by Committee 3
[009] (C3) Proposed modification to paragraph 8.5.2 of Resolution 1
[010] (C4/C5) Chairman of Committee 5: Future of ICG-SAT, JCG-ISDN and JCG-AVMMS
[011] (C6) Drafting Group: Draft Recommendation - Assistance to the regional tariff groups
[012] (C4) Chairmen of Study Groups 2 and 8: Proposed changes to the text of Question 5/2
[013] (C5) Chairman of Committee 5: Proposed text for the report of Committee 5 concerning draft new Recommendation G.691
[015] Work plan of the period/Programme de travail de la periode/Plan de trabajo del periodo (15.10.96 - 18.10.96)
[016] (C6) Chairman Study Group 8: Recommendation T.200 - Programmable communication interface for terminal equipment connected to ISDN
[017] (C3) Report of the Drafting Group on input to ITU-2000
[018] (C3) Editing Group on EDH: Draft Resolution 25 - Action plan to encourage the use of Electronic Document Handling
[019] (C3) Editing Group on EDH: Proposed revision of Draft Recommendation A.2 (Presentation of contributions relative to the study of Questions assigned to the ITU-T)
[020] (C3) Report of the Drafting Group on strategic issues
[021] (C4) Chairman of Ad Hoc Group: Report of the Ad Hoc Group of Committee 4 on structure
[022] (C6) Editor for Question V/11: Proposed draft text for Question V/11
[023] Final list of Temporary Documents (DT/1 to DT/23)
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