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Contributions to WP 1B (1996-97)

[1B/1] Chairman's Report on the meeting of WP 1B (Geneva, 16-22 August 1995)
[1B/2,1-3/4,1A/1,1C/2] Proposed attribution of ITU-R questions assigned by the RA to Radiocommunication SG1 among WPs and TGs of SG1
[1B/3] Liaison statement from WPs 3J and 3M concerning propagation information for the frequency range 20-105 GHz
[1B/4] Liaison statement to WP 1B regarding financing of spectrum management authorities
[1B/5] Licence fees - Spectrum value
[1B/6,1C/4] Preliminary draft new Rec. - The effect of other modulation schemes on digital communications systems
[1B/6r1,1C/4r1] Rev.1: Preliminary draft new Recommendation
[1B/7] Evaluation of the radio frequency resource
[1B/8] Comments on Document 1B/7
[1B/9] Economics and Spectrum management in Canada
[1B/10] Draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R SM.1046 - Definition of spectrum use and efficiency of a radio system
[1B/11] Draft modification to Document 1B/AA - Efficient spectrum utilization using probabilistic methods
[1B/12] Comments on the draft Revision of Recommendation ITU-R SM.337-3
[1B/13] Factors affecting the development of the spectrum
[1B/14] Spectrum Refarming
[1B/15] Draft Revision of Question ITU-R 45-3/1 - Techniques and technical criteria for frequency sharing
[1B/16] Spectrum use above 20GHz: supress question ITU-R 64-1/1
[1B/17] Modified draft revision of Recommendation ITU-R SM.337-3
[1B/18] Draft revised addition to Recommendation ITU-R SM.1046 - Definition of Spectrum use and efficiency of a radio system
[1B/19-1C/13] Comments on preliminary draft new Recommendation ITU-R SM.[...]
[1B/20] Rapporteurs meeting report - Spectrum economics and alternative methods of national spectrum management
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