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SC96-1 (WRC-97)

[1] WRC-95 Decisions on Incorporation by Reference of ITU-R M-Series Recommendations
[2] Organizational considerations - Possible work groups, methods and allied issues
[3] Organization of the work of the Special Committee
[4] Submission of Document RAG96-1/17
[5] Submission of Documents CPM96/23 (revised) and CPM96/20 (revised)
[5-a1] Addendum 1 to Document SC96-1/5 - Submission of a new Annex 3 to CPM96/21
[6] Final list of Participants
[7] Draft Report on the First Meeting of the Special Committee on Regulatory/Procedural Matters
[7-r1] Summary of Conclusions of the first meeting of the SC on WRC-97 preparation
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