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23rd Meeting of the RRB - 23ème Réunion du RRB - 23a Reunión de la RRB

[01-249-r1] 2001 Draft timetable for consideration of Rules of Procedure
[01-259] Contribution to the Working Group on ITU Reform
[01-260] Final drafts of the Rules of Procedure relating to Nos. S5.22, S5.415, S5.416 and S5.491 of the Radio Regulations
[01-261] Draft New Rules of Procedure
[01-261-a1] Draft New Rules of Procedure
[01-261-c1] Draft new Rules of Procedure
[01-261-c1-a1] Draft new Rules of Procedure
[01-262] Secure data exchange and the status of validation software
[01-263] Report to the 23rd meeting of the RRB
[01-264] Information document on changes to the WRC-2000 plans and lists for Regions 1 and 3 due to a bug identified in the ITU software applications
[01-265] Information document on a draft revised methodology to implement Article 7 of Appendix S30B
[01-266] Information document on processing of request for Part B special section publication for USABSS-1, USABSS-2 and USABSS-2A Region 2 networks under App. S30/S30A (WRC-2000)
[01-267] Review and improvement of the management, functioning and structure of ITU
[01-268] Change of notifying Administrations for INTELSAT Ltd
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