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21st Meeting of the RRB - 21ème réunion du RRB - 21a Reunión de la RRB

[00-225] Report by the Director BR
[00-226] Processing of Satellite Network Filings in the BR
[00-227] BR Administrative procedures for the receipt of space filings
[00-228] Production and Distribution of Minutes of RRB Meetings
[00-229] Argentina regarding Res.51(WRC-97) - Application of Res.51(WRC-97) (RoP S9.5D)
[00-230] Information doc. on implementation by the BR of WRC-2000 decisions with respect to certain protection criteria and methods defined in App.S30 and S30A
[00-231] United Kingdom regarding partial processing of GESATCOM E1 downlink - APS30
[00-232R1] Draft new RoP relating to Nos. S4.4 and S4.8
[00-233] Draft New RoP relating to Nos. S5.43 and S5.43A
[00-234] Draft New RoP relating to No. S9.2
[00-235] Draft New RoP relating to No. S9.5D
[00-236] Draft RoP concerning the use of the guardbands for Space Operations Functions in App S30 and S30A
[00-237] Spain regarding the decision of the RRB on the use of T-DAB bands governed by the ST61 Agreement
[00-238] Point for consideration by the RRB for possible input to the ITU Reform Working Group
[00-239] Consideration of improvements to enhance service to Members of the Union
[00-240] The RRB
[00-241] On future information system for management of Radio Frequency specturm Resource*
[00-242] Letter from the Administration of Malaysia on BR administrative procedures for the receipt of space filings
[00-243] Extract of a document submitted by Argentina to the WG on ITU Reform
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