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19th Meeting of the RRB - 19ème réunion du RRB - 19a Reunión de la RRB

[00-196] Director's Report to the 19th meeting of the RRB
[00-197] Report on consideration of a possible Rule of Procedure in respect of inter-satellite systems
[00-198] Possible Rule of Procedure with respect to improving satellite coordination and modification procedures
[00-199] Proposed modification to the Rule of Procedure in respect of S11.44
[00-200] Resolution 80 (WRC-97) - Report of the RRB to WRC-2000
[00-201r1] Issues of interest to the RRB for inclusion in the Report of the Director to WRC-2000
[00-202] Working Group on ITU Reform - Resolution 74 (Minneapolis 1998)
[00-203] Letter from the Administration of Mexico relating to coordination of satellite networks with the Administration of the USA
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