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RAG99-1 (Geneva, 22-26.2.1999) - GCR99-1 (Genève 22-26.2.1999) - GAR99-1 (Ginebra 22-26.2.1999)

[ADM1] Draft Agenda
[1] Draft 1999 Operational Plan for the ITU-R Sector
[2] Relevant results of PP-98
[3] Radiocommunication Sector patent policy
[4] Reduction of the volume and cost of documentation for ITU conferences
[5] Proposed structure for WRC-2000
[6] CVA: ITU activities in the broadcasting field
[7] AUS: Improving the efficiency of WRC's
[8] UK: Improving the efficiency of WRCs
[9] F: Possible structure of WRC-2000
[10] Telia/Nortel: Reduction of the amount of paper copies during meetings
[11] US: Electronic data handling of output and temporary documents
[12] US: Improvement of the WRC process - cost containment
[13] US: Proposed structure for WRC-2000
[14] Golden Bridge: Clarification of ITU patent policy with regard to Recs in ITU-R and ITU-T Sectors
[15R1] Meeting plans
[16] Cost recovery
[17] BR publication activities - 1998
[18] Late contributions to Study Group meetings
[19] UK: Approval of Questions and Recommendations taking account of the provisions of Res. COM5/12 (Minneapolis)
[20] UK: Draft revision of Resolution ITU-R 15-2
[21] General considerations for the development of the ITU-R Sector 2000-2001 biennial budget
[22] The ITU-R patent policy and its application to the radio transmission technologies for IMT-2000 radio interface
[23] RAG advice on documentation
[25] RAG conclusions on improving the effectiveness of WRCs
[26R2] Summary of conclusions of the 7th RAG meeting
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