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RAG96-1 (Geneva, 19-23.2.1996) - Old docs. 1-35

[1] E: ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference in the RR
[2] E: Approval of Recommendations between Assemblies
[3] E: Publication of weekly circulars and special sections
[4] E: Improvements to TIES
[5] AUS:Improvements to the procedure for the approval of ITU-R Recs and Questions
[6] AUS:Improvements to coordination betwen the work of ITU-R Study Grops 10 and 11 and ITU-T Study Group 9
[7] AUS:Use of TIES in preparatory work for ITU-R meetings, assemblies and conferences
[8] AUS:Guidelines for Rapporteurs
[9] 1996 Operational Plan for the ITU-R Sector
[10] Chair. WPA/2, SG 2/D: Special concerns of developing countries in relation to the work of the ITU-R and ITU-T Sectors
[11] USA:Review of working methods of CPM
[12] USA:Improved availability of documents via TIES
[13] USA:Study Group presentation at the RA
[14] USA:Organization and sequence of meetings
[15] USA:Future Conferences and the RA
[16] USA:Consideration of the WRC-97 Agenda
[17] USA:Work for the Special Committee
[18] ITU Publications Policy
[19] USA:The use of "due diligence"in frequency coordination of GSO FSS satellite networks
[20] USA:Comments on UK contribution of refinement of the Sectors
[21] USA:Procedures used in North American standardization bodies and relationship to ITU-R and T Sectors
[22] Acting Chair.ICG-SAT:Status report on the intersector coordination group on satellite matters
[23] AUS:Resolution 18 of PP94 (Kyoto) Financial Aspects
[24] Report from the Rapporteur on Working Methods
[25] CAN:The need to reduce the number of items for consideration by WRC-97
[26] Chairman CPM:Working methods of the CPM
[27] LUX:Working procedures for the preparation for conferences
[28] Resource implications of decisions of WRC-95
[29] Review Committee (Res. 15)
[30] JSC of SG10 & 11:Report to Joint RAG/TSAG meeting on coordination of R and T Sector studies on broadcasting
[31] Conclusions of the Joint TSAG/RAG Meeting, 21 February 1996
[32] Final List of Participants - not available electronically
[33r1] 4th Meeting of the RAG - Summary of Conclusions
[34] UK:Refinement of the R and T Sectors
[35] Working Methods of ITU-R : Proposals made at the 4th RAG
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