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RAG95-1 (Geneva, 23-25.1.1995) - Old docs. 1-40

[1] Review of the ITU's frequency coordination and planning framework for satellite networks (PP-94 Resolution COM4/10)
[2] Procedure for approval of ITU-R Recommendations and its effect on participation in Study Group meetings
[3] Use of facsimile or other modern means of communication by the ITU-R Sector
[4] Country names in RR footnotes
[5] ITU-R Recommendations incorporated by reference in the Radio Regulations
[6] Possible reference to national standards in ITU-R Recommendations
[7] Report of the rapporteur on coordination and cooperation with other Sectors
[8] Draft new resolution on radiowave propagation studies for system design and service planning
[9] Liaison between study groups, task groups and working parties
[10] Commentary on aspects of working methods
[11] Report of the rapporteur on work programme and study group structure
[12] Strategic plan for ITU-R
[13] Possible restructuring of ITU-R Questions
[14] Cooperation between ITU-D and ITU-R study groups
[15] Report of the Rapporteur on Strategic Planning
[15A1] Report of the Rapporteur on Strategic Planning
[16] Refinement of the ITU Sectors
[17] Publication of Recommendations and Reports
[17A1] Publication of Recommendations and Reports
[18] Summary Report on the 3rd meeting of the Intersector coordination group on satellite matters
[19] List of radiocommunication handbooks publication status and tentative programme
[20] Ad Hoc Group examining ITU-R Study Group 1 activities in support to developing countries in spectrum management
[21] Sharing studies within the ITU-R
[22] JSC10-11
[23] Cooperation between the ITU-R and the ITU-D Sectors
[24] Status report on activities of ICG for FPLMTS
[25] Comments on the organizational structure of Study Groups 10 & 11
[26] Comments on Administrative Circular CA/10: Working Guidelines for Radiocommunication Assembly and Study Group meetings and documentation
[27] Coordination of activities among responsible groups in ITU-T and ITU-R regarding the delivery of broadcasting services to the public
[28] ITU members use of electronic document handling (EDH) products developed by the ITU: License Agreements
[29] Refinement of ITU Sectors
[30] Revised working guidelines for Radiocommunication Assembly & Study Group meetings and documentation
[31] Review of the space coordination & planning framework of the ITU
[32] Implementation of Resolution COM 4/10
[33] Possible Structure of WRC-95
[34] Maritime mobile equipment and system standardization
[35] Radio Local Area Networks (RLANS)
[36] Report of the Rapporteur on Working Methods of the Sector
[37R1] Possible structure for CPM-95, Geneva, 22 March-5 April 1995
[39R1] 2nd Meeting of RAG Summary of Conclusions
[40] Report of the Joint TSAG/RAG Meeting held in Geneva on 24 January 1995

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