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RAG2000-1 (Geneva, 17-20.1.2000) - GCR2000-1 (Genève, 17-20.1.2000) - GAR2000-1 (Ginebra, 17-20.1.2000)

[ADM1] Draft Agenda for the 8th meeting of the RAG
[1] CAN: Financial implications of WRC decisions
[2] CAN: Restructure of ITU-R Study Groups
[3] CAN: Organization of the work of ITU-R
[4] Rapporteur Report: Coordination and Cooperation
[5] CAN: Improving the WRC process
[6] General review of resolutions and recommendations of WARC/WRC
[7] Draft 2000 Operational Plan for the ITU-R Sector
[8] Results of TSB Director's Ad Hoc Group meetings on IPR
[9] Res. 87 (Minneapolis) Role of the notifying administration in the case of an administration notifying on behalf of a named group of administrations
[10] Activities of the Intersector Coordination Group on Satellite Matters (ICG/SAT)
[11] AUS: Rights of Associates
[12] AUS: Rights of Sector Members
[13] AUS: Approval of new questions and recommendations
[14] Liaison statement to RAG on the overlap between ITU-R and ITU-T Sectors
[15] Implementation of Res. 82 (PP-98)
[16] Appointment of chairmen and vice-chairmen of the ITU-R study groups
[17] Draft revision of Resolution ITU-R 3-1
[18] Draft categorization of ITU-R questions according to Res. 82
[19] ITU-R Associate Membership
[20] Liaison statement from ITU-R Study Groups 10 and 11 to the RAG
[21] World Radiocommunication Conference process - Res. 80 (PP-98)
[22] J: Reduction of documentation in adoption of draft recommendations by study groups
[23] J: Updating of certain maintained CCIR/ITU-R recommendations
[24] ICRC: General review of resolutions and recommendations from WARC/WRC
[25] G: World Radiocommunication Conference process (Res. 80)
[26] Status of the 2000 ITU-R meeting schedule
[27] Continuation of studies on IMT-2000
[28] USA: Participation of Associates in ITU-R study groups
[29] USA: Development of working procedures for the RAG
[30] Final list of participants (not available electronically)
[31(Rev.2)] See Paragraph 3.6.2 of Summary of Conclusions of the Eighth Meeting of the Radiocommunication Advisory Group (RAG)
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