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9th CVC Meeting (14-16 December 1998) - 9e Réunion PVP (14-16 décembre 1998) - 9a Reunión PVP (14-16 de diciembre de 1998)

[1] Contribution from Study Group 1/Working Party 1C
[ADM/1] Agenda of the Meeting of Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of Radiocommunication Study Groups
[2] Contribution from Study Group 1/Task Group 1/5
[3] Provisional ITU-R Meeting Schedule
[4] Results of the 1998 Plenipotentiary Conference
[4C1] Results of the 1998 Plenipotentiary Conference
[5] Preparatory work for World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-2000) (Date for the next CPM and calendar of related preparatory work)
[6] Future Conferences and Assemblies of the Union (Date for WRC-2000)
[7] Results of the 1998 Session of the Council concerning the Agendas for RA-2000 and WRC-2000 (Circular telegram A499 as approved by Council 98)
[8] Liaison statement to the Telecommunications Development Bureau (BDT) and ITU-D Study Groups 1 and 2
[9] Radiocommunication Study Groups Financial Progress Report
[10] Contribution from ITU-R Study Group 4
[11] Report on publications
[11C1] Report on publ;ications
[12] ITU-R Study Group Work Plan
[13] Radiocommunication Sector Patent Policy
[14] Contribution from the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (Question 10/5 (WP 3/5) of ITU-T Study Group 5 - Protection against electromagnetic environment effects
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