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ITU and Gender - Why a gender perspective ?
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The ITU recognizes that society as a whole will benefit from equal participation of women and men in policy and decision-making and from equal access to communications services.

In recent years, the information communication technology (ICT) sector has become one of the fastest growing areas of the world economy.

Women still face many barriers to participating fully and effectively in a knowledge-based economy, a key component of economic development.

Creating telecommunications policies and human resources development programmes targeted at women can help alleviate poverty of women and their families. Additionally, by leveraging the skills of women, developing countries can significantly add to the pool of talent that will be needed in the new information society.
Gender Information

World March for Women
Geneva, Switzerland
International Women's Day
(Photo by ITU - A. De Ferron)

Gender briefing
for ITU Delegates

UN Resolutions
and ITU documents
gender equality

ITU-D promoting gender
equality in and through



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