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Order hard-copy versions of your selected publications in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and/or Russian (where available) by adding titles to your cart and communicating your billing and delivery information online. Alternatively, download a copy of the informative Publication Notice, completing and returning the associated order form to ITU Sales for processing and delivery. Discounts are available for ITU Members and administrations of Least Developed Countries (LDC's).

 Recent Hard Copy Publications
The ICT Opportunity for a Disability-Inclusive Development Framework
Edition of 2013  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

This publication contributes to a better understanding of the extent to which ICTs can enable and accelerate the social and economic inclusion of persons with disabilities. It lists challenges that are still to be addressed while outlining concrete actions to be undertaken by each group of stakeholders and a set of indicators to help measure progress towards the achievement of a disability-inclusive post-2015 development agenda and framework. The report is the result of collaborative input from the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development, the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs, the International Disability Alliance, ITU, Microsoft, the Foundation and UNESCO. For more information, please visit
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eHealth and innovation in women's and children's health: A baseline review
March 2014  New!  

Improving the health of women and children is a global health imperative, reflected in two of the most compelling Millennium Development Goals which seek specifically to reduce maternal and infant deaths by 2015. This joint report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), based on a 64-country survey, demonstrates - as never before in such detail - the vital role that information and communication technologies (ICTs) and particularly eHealth are playing today in helping achieve those targets. It demonstrates how, every day, eHealth is saving the lives of women, their babies and infants in the some of the most vulnerable populations around the world, in a wide variety of innovative ways.
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ITU-T Recommendations and selected Handbooks - DVD-ROM
2014  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

Each quarterly edition of this DVD-ROM contains the most current set of ITU-T Recommendations in force. Some Recommendations, not yet available in their final edited format, are included in their provisional prepublished form. Associated software programs are in general included in the DVD-ROM, unless their volume prevents it, in which case they should be bought separately. Also included is a collection of technical Handbooks developed by the ITU Telecommunication Sector in fields such as mitigation measures for telecommunication installations and their protection against electromagnetic effects, formal languages, outside plant, network security, quality of service and network planning.
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Other editions:   2013  
World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14): Final Report
no image available2014  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

The sixth World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC-14) took place in Dubai () from 30 March to 14 April 2014. The Final Report contains the Dubai Declaration, the Conference's contribution to the ITU Strategic Plan for the Telecommunication Development Sector, the Dubai Action Plan (DAP) focusing on the programmes and regional initiatives, and the resolutions approved by the Conference directed towards the purposes and objectives of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector for the four-year period 2015-2018.
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Other editions:   Hyderabad, 2010   Doha, 2006   Istanbul, 2002  
Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services (Maritime Manual)
The Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services reflects the regulatory provisions and the latest decisions concerning those services by ITU conferences (including relevant decisions pertaining to the introduction of new systems and techniques). As prescribed in Appendix 16 of the Radio Regulations, the Manual is required to be carried in stations on board ships. Next edition: November 2013

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Edition of 2013  New!   Publication Notice with Order Form

The Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services is published in accordance with Article 20 (No. 20.14) of the Radio Regulations, and results from studies carried out in the ITU-R since 2008. Edition 2013 comprises two volumes, not sold separately. Volume 1 provides descriptive text of the organization and operation of the GMDSS and other maritime operational procedures, while Volume 2 contains the extracts of the regulatory texts associated with maritime operations. Available: mid-November 2013 (English only; other editions to follow)
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Other editions:   Edition of 2011   Edition of 2005   Edition of 2009