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ICT Discovery

Permanent exhibition 

Whether chatting by phone, mobile or online, catching a flight, or simply watching television, information and communication technologies (ICT) underpin everything we do. In the modern world, we are increasingly dependent on them to work, learn and play.
Showcasing the evolution of ICT through the ages – from early attempts to communicate through to the rapid pace of invention during the 19th and 20th centuries and onwards to a vision of what the future could bring - ICT Discovery takes you on a journey through our connected world.


Key items of technology are on display for you to engage with, and simple explanations of how ICTs function are available throughout the exhibition.

Making it all possible​

The fascinating story of ICT might not have been fully achieved without the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Founded in 1865 to establish principles for telegraphy across borders, and now responsible for the allocation of radio spectrum and satellite orbits plus the standardization and development of ICT worldwide, ITU helps drive the incredible progress already made.​
A visit to ICT Discovery lets you step inside the organization at the very heart of the ICT industry and discover the work of ITU in supporting the development of ICT, managing their global use, and increasing access to everyone, everywhere.
Test your own reaction to an earthquake or cyberattack in our gaming room. You can compete against your friends by working with ITU to assess damage via satellite, deploy equipment and volunteers, coordinate radio amateurs for emergency telecommunications, or work to help secure files, identify and track cyber-criminals and locate the origin of the attack.


The story of ICT does not stop at today. A glimpse into the future is at ICT Discovery where you can see where we are heading with “smart” buildings and transport, environmental protection, virtual education and telemedicine.

Temporary exhibition

Ville Vivante: the dynamic dimensio​n of Geneva

Supported by the city of Geneva
Over the past twenty years we have witnessed an extraordinary transition from a world where most people did not have access to even basic telecommunications, to a world where there are six billion mobile subscriptions. Mobiles have conquered the globe and brought ICTs within reach of virtually all of the worlds’ people.
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With approximately 10 million mobile subscribers in Switzerland, the City of Geneva embraced the challenge of visualizing the digital traces made by mobile phones in the city. The results are a work of art in themselves - depicting traffic between local districts and across time - made possible through geolocalization.

The use of tablets

ICT Discovery entertains the visitors with its multimedia guide: Samsung Galaxy Tab which is accessible for all ages and lets everybody learn in a highly interactive way. Plunge into the past and explore the future through the tablet. You can also connect the tablet in our gaming area to play simulation games to learn about cyberattacks or earthquakes and emergency telecommunications. ​


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