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ITU is the United Nations’ specialized agency for ICT with a membership of 193 Member States and over 700 private sector and academic institutions. Founded almost 150 years ago, our tenure covers the whole history of modern communications.  A visit to ICT Discovery, created by ITU and situated within our headquarters, takes you on a journey through our connected world inside the organization driving the future development of ICT for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.

In recognition of ITU’s strategic goal to disseminate information and know-how, ITU Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun Touré, proposed that the ITU Council of 2008 endorse the creation of a visitor centre within ITU to inform visitors about the history of telecommunications and the role of ITU in helping connect the world.

The construction of this centre has been made possible through the generous support of the ICT Discovery founding partner, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the United Arab Emirates.

"Finding the Name"

To find a name, a competition was opened to ITU staff and their families.  The competition was won by Nethmi Karunajeewa, a 12-year-old girl and daughter of a radiocommunication engineer, for her suggestion of ICT Discovery.​



ICT Discovery is the fascinating story of information and communication technologies (ICT) told from the very heart of the ICT industry. Through interactive exhibitions and educational programmes, ICT Discovery’s mission is to entertain and educate the public on the evolution and exciting future of ICT alongside the role of ITU in connecting our world a​nd facilitating the transformation of people’s lives everywhere.​​

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