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​​​Why become a Member of ITU-T?

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Membership of ITU-T offers the chance for the private sector to join with national administrations to shape the future of ICTs, in an open, fair and transparent environment. As well as networking opportunities with representatives of 193 countries and the chance to influence the creation of worldwide standards, members have a unique opportunity to get return on investment (ROI) by being able to implement ahead of the pack, and get products and services to market quicker than their competitors. Exposure on an international platform offers unbeatable marketing opportunities.
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In today’s global economy taking part in standards making is a crucial strategy to ensure that your products can be sold throughout the world. Membership of ITU-T is a means to actively take part in the Sector’s standardization work and thus secure an influence of a company's business goals and policies on the development of standards within its business sphere.
ITU-T’s Global Image comes with the Badge of Quality and Efficiency that ITU and its UN status lend the sector. ITU-T Recommendations are agreed by consensus, generally amongst the participants of the group which developed the standard, and yet once adopted they have the approval of 192 governments. This gives ITU standards unrivalled credibility particularly in developing countries and emerging economies which might not have the resources to follow closely the development of international standards, and instead rely on the ITU to produce impartial open standards with a clear IPR policy.
ITU-T has excellent meeting facilities in Geneva, although more and more meetings are held in other parts of the world. It has adopted very flexible and efficient working methods that allow the rapid development of standards with an average approval time of just nine weeks.