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The living list of technologies to be tested on C&I

Resolution 76 of WTSA-12 resolves that “ITU-T Study Group 11 coordinates the sector’s activities related to the ITU C&I programme across all study groups and reviews the recommendations in the Conformance and Interoperability Business Plan for the long term implementation of the C&I programme”.

The C&I action plan agreed by the Council-12 C12/48 includes: Following the WTSA-12 and Council-12 decisions, SG11 established the SG11 Action plan for implementation of C&I Programme which will help to achieve the goals of Resolution 76 (WTSA-12) which will assist ITU-T SGs in their work concerning the development of ITU C&I Programme within their responsibilities and is aimed at helping developing countries in the implementation of their C&I plans in the regions.

The most important part of the SG11 Action plan is a living list of technologies which are under study in ITU-T SGs and suitable for conformity and/or interoperability testing.

This information can be used for implementation of the relevant Pilot projects and filling out the ITU Conformity Database.

The living list is mantling by TSB in accordance with information provided by all ITU-T SGs and JCA-CIT on the SG11 requests with the template is provided in Annex A of SG11 Action plan.