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Recommendations related to Monitoring System

ITU-R Recommendations​
Spectra and bandwidth of emissions
Accuracy of frequency measurements at stations for international monitoring
Field-strength measurements at monitoring stations
Bandwidth measurement at monitoring stations
Protection of fixed monitoring stations against interference
Direction finding and location determination at monitoring stations
Tasks of a monitoring service
Priority of identifying and eliminating radio interference in the band 406 – 406.1 MHz.
Monitoring of radio emissions from spacecraft at monitoring stations
International monitoring system
Method of measuring the maximum frequency deviation of FM broadcast emissions at monitoring stations
Additional information for monitoring purposes related to classification and designation of emission
Essential requirements for a spectrum monitoring station for developing countries
Common formats for the exchange of information between monitoring stations
Common format for memorandum of understanding between the agreeing countries regarding cooperation in spectrum monitoring matters
Monitoring of the radio coverage of land mobile networks to verify compliance with a given license
Automation and integration of spectrum monitoring systems with automated spectrum management
Methods of radio direction finding and location on time division multiple access and code division multiple access signals
Technical identification of digital signals
Measuring of low-level emissions from space stations at monitoring earth stations using noise reduction techniques
Methods for measurements on digital broadcasting signals
Field-strength measurements along a route with geographical coordinate registrations
Mobile spectrum monitoring unit
Method for measurements of radio noise
Measuring sideband emissions of T‑DAB and DVB‑T transmitters for monitoring purposes
Wideband instantaneous bandwidth spectrum monitoring systems
Standard data exchange format for frequency band registrations and measurements at monitoring stations
Test procedure for measuring the properties of the IF filter of radio monitoring receivers
Test procedure for measuring the 3rd order intercept point (IP3) level of radio monitoring receivers
Test procedure for measuring the noise figure of radio monitoring receivers
Test procedure for measuring the scanning speed of radio monitoring receivers
Test procedure for measuring the sensitivity of radio monitoring receivers using analogue-modulated signals
Spectrum occupancy measurement
​Rec. ITU-R SM.2039
Spectrum monitoring evolution
Rec. ITU-R SM.2060
Test procedure for measuring direction finder accuracy
Rec. ITU-R SM.2061Test procedure for measuring direction finder immunity against multi-path propagation
​Rec. ITU-R SM.2080Precision of time information in output data of monitoring receivers