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​​In conformity with Resolution 908 (WRC-12), and pursuant to CR/363, the Bureau is pleased to provide to administrations a platform where a beta version of the SpaceWISC system for testing purposes:

Note that before accessing the system, your administration must first nominate to the Bureau a manager role, who will then assign other users to the administration or operator. For security reasons, access to the SpaceWISC test platform is restricted to registered TIES users only.

Access to the test platform is opened to any web browsers from a PC (Windows), a Mac or tablets (iOS, Android or others). To avoid compatibility problems, users are encouraged to use the latest versions of web-browsers. No separate software installation is required.

There are 3 categories of user roles in Spacewisc: Manager role, Administration role and Operator role (see CR/363 for more details). The Bureau will be responsible for registering accounts for the Manager role. In this regard, administrations are invited to communicate to the Bureau by fax: +41 22 730 5785 the initial list of one or more person (or entity) assigned for the Manager role, indicating the person's name, title, email address, telephone number and TIES user name. The person assigned the Manager role will then add other users to his/her administration as administration role or operator role.

During the capture of an API notice, in the even tof loss of internet connection or connection with the SpaceWISC server (e.g. due to a time-out event), the captured API notice will be saved in the system and could then be retrieved from the Draft Filings menu.

During the data capture of an API filing, the API is locked by default for editing by the current user. If this user wishes to unlock this filing, so that other authorized users may edit it, the "API filing owner" must click on the Unlock button. Other users of the same administration will find this "unlocked" API filing in the Draft Filings menu for possible edition, validation and submission to the Bureau.


To assist administrations during the SpaceWISC testing period the Bureau will maintain a hot line help desk: +41 22 730 6777 (from 09H00 to 17H00 Geneva time) and email


Quick Start Guide 

1. Log-in screen:
    In order to login in the SpaceWISC application go to the link and enter your TIES username and password. Users are advised to select the second option "This is a private computer". In the event that the user  make use of a public computer, the first option "This is a public or shared computer" is to be selected, in which case frequent time-outs from the server may be experienced, that would necessitate a new logging to SpaceWISC .


The first login to SpaceWISC may take some time due to security checks by the system.

2. Welcome screen:
    From the top menu we can reach all sections in which the application is devided. We can also find the necessary contact information.


​​​​3. New filings:​
    It is used for creating or uploading a new API notice. You have the choice to either capture the API online or to upload the MS Access Database which contains the API using the option API from MDB. 


4. Capture online:
     To capture an API online we first need to fill in all the network information. The field "Notifying administration" will be already filled in with your administration code. You have to select the notice type, which can be geostationary or non-geostationary, and fill in the corresponding value for the orbital longitude. By moving the mouse over the text fields you will find tooltip help.


 5. Capture satellite name:
     You also have to enter the name of the satellite network, which must not exist in the BR reference database. By clicking on the "Ref: button you can query the reference database. Enter the beginning of the satellite name and click on the search button. Once all the fields are completed click on "Create".


 6. Capture frequency band information:
    The second part of the screen allows for the capture of frequency band information. Fill in all necessary information for a given frequency band and then add it to the filing. The table summarizes all frequency information. To modify the information of a frequency band, click on the pencil of the most-right column of the table. Click on "Safe" when finished.


   Lock, unlock:    
Note that this API is locked for editing by you. If you want other users in your administration to be able to edit it, you must click on 'Unlock".


7. Validation:
    Once the API is complete click on "Validate". The validation report will indicate if there is any fatal errors. You must correct all fatal errors to be able to submit your filing. Once you do so, validate again. After validation you will be able to submit your filing to the BR (when you have the roles of either manager or administrator) or to the Administration (with the operator role). The filing will be then moved to the list of submitted filings.


​ validation2.png