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WTIS 2014 - Practical information

1. Venue

​The 12th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS) will be held on 24-26 November 2014 at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel (Rose Revolution Square 1, Tbilisi, Georgia).
A pre-event will take place on 23 November 2014, in the same venue.

2. Accommodation

​Special rates for the WTIS participants have been negotiated with the hotels listed below. Participants should book their own accommodation directly with the contact person mentioned in the table. When checking in, delegates may be required to provide evidence that they are attending the WTIS (registration confirmation).
Recommended Hotels:
​Hotel ​Contact ​Category ​Standard Single/Double ​Other
​​Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel
Tel: +995 32 2 402 200
Address: Rose Revolution
Square 1
0108 Tbilisi, Georgia
Reservation link:
Click here

For any additional questions:

Deadline for booking:
7 November 2014
​5 Stars USD140/

Business Class

Junior Suites
Holiday Inn Tbilisi
Tel: +995 32 2300099
Fax: +995 32 2300001
Address: 1/26 May Square; Tbilisi, Georgia, 0171

+995 577 32 32 02
​4 StarsUSD125 ​Executive
Other Hotels:
Hotel Contact CategoryStandard Single/Double Other
Hotel Citadines
Tel: +995 32 2 54 70 30
Fax: +995 32 2 54 70 40  
Address: Citadines Freedom Square USD100/
Deluxe Room
Hotel “Tiflis Palace”
Tel: +995 32 200 02 45
Fax: +995 32 200 02 43
Address: 3, Gorgasali str., Tbilisi, 0105

Mobile: +995 77 34 27 37
USD135 ​Classic  Room

Deluxe Room

Superior Room
Hotel Garden View Tbilisi

Tel.: +995 32 2 13 15 13
Address: 35 M. Kostava str. ​4 Stars U​SD80
Hotel Vere Palace

Tel: +995 32 253340/41/42
Fax: +995 32 221298
Address: 22-24 Kuchishvili Str.
Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia 4 Stars​USD 90/

Junior Suite

Deluxe Suite

Executive Suite
Please note that 18% VAT will be added to these room rates.

3. Transportation

Airport transfer and transportation between hotel and meeting venue will be provided to participants staying at the above hotels. For this, participants need to indicate in the participant information form the exact information related to their arrival and departure, and the name of the hotel where they will be staying. Participants staying in the other hotels should arrange their own transport and ensure that they will arrive at the meeting venue on time for the meeting.  Please submit the participant information form to no later than 15 November 2014.

Download Participant Information Form (word format).

4. Visa

Any visa-related questions should be sent to
For visa information please visit  the link below of the ministry of foreign affairs of Georgia: 
Citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the   
 countries listed below may enter Georgia WITHOUT VISA for short-term visit
(Not exceeding 90 calendar days in any 180-day period)
1. Antigua and Barbuda
2. Argentine Republic
3. Barbados
4. Belize
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. British dependant territories - Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man
7. British overseas territories - Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands (Malvinas), Turks and Caicos Islands, Gibraltar
8. Canada
9. Commonwealth of Australia
10. Dominican Republic
11. Commonwealth of the Bahamas
12. Czech Republic
13. Federal Republic of Germany
14. Federative Republic of Brazil
15. French Republic
16. French Republic territories
17. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
18. Hellenic Republic
19. Holy See
20. Hungary
21. Iceland
22. Irish Republic
23. Italian Republic
24. Japan
25. Kingdom of  Denmark
26. Kingdom of Bahrain
27. Kingdom of Belgium
28. Kingdom of Denmark territories
29. Kingdom of Netherlands territories
30. Kingdom of Norway
31. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
32. Kingdom of Spain
33. Kingdom of Sweden
34. Kingdom of Thailand
35. Kingdom of the Netherlands
36. Kyrgyz Republic
37. Lebanese Republic
38. Malaysia
39. Montenegro
40. Nation of Brunei
41. New Zealand
42. Portuguese Republic
43. Principality of  Liechtenstein
44. Principality of Andorra
45. Principality of Monaco
46. Republic of  Korea
47. Republic of Albania
​48. Republic of Armenia
49. Republic of Austria
50. Republic of Azerbaijan
51. Republic of Belarus
52. Republic of Botswana
53. Republic of Bulgaria
54. Republic of Colombia
55. Republic of Costa Rica
56. Republic of Croatia
57. Republic of Cyprus
58. Republic of Ecuador
59. Republic of El Salvador
60. Republic of Estonia
61. Republic of Finland
62. Republic of Honduras
63. Republic of Kazakhstan
64. Republic of Latvia
65. Republic of Lithuania
66. Republic of Malta
67. Republic of Mauritius
68. Republic of Moldova
69. Republic of Panama
70. Republic of Poland
71. Republic of Romania
72. Republic of San Marino
73. Republic of Serbia
74. Republic of Seychelles
75. Republic of Singapore
76. Republic of Slovenia
77. Republic of South Africa
78. Republic of Tajikistan
79. Republic of Turkey
80. Republic of Uzbekistan
81. Russian Federation
82. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
83. Slovak Republic
84. State of Israel
85. State of Kuwait
86. State of Qatar
87. Sultanate of Oman
88. Swiss Confederation
89. Turkmenistan
90. Ukraine
91. United Arab Emirates
92. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
93. United Mexican States
94. United States of America
Exemptions from Georgian visa obligations also applies to:
Compatriots residing abroad, who are citizens of the country whose citizens need a visa for entering Georgia, are authorized to cross the state border of Georgia without a visa and stay in Georgia for no more than 30 days;

Foreign nationals who are holders of the UNO's or its specialized agencies  travel documents (Laissez-Passer), can enter or stay on the territory of Georgia without visa up to 90 days in any 180-days period;

Aliens holding a Georgian residence permit or a temporary residence permit of a refugee or a person with humanitarian status for the entire period of the above mentioned documents validity.

Following individuals do not require a visa for transit movement in Georgia:
Members of a crew of an international airline, railway, or marine transport and passengers that need an interim change of carrier or means of transport and have a document evidencing the right to enter their country of destination. Period of stay in Georgia does not exceed five days.
Citizens and stateless persons permanently residing in the countries listed
below NEED VISA for entering territory of Georgia
1. Arab Republic of Egypt
2. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
3. Burkina Faso
4. Central African Republic
5. Commonwealth of Dominica
6. Co-operative Republic of Guyana
7. Democratic People's Republic of Korea
8. Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe
9. Democratic Republic of the Congo
10.  Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
11.  Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
12.  Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
13.  Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
14.  Federal Republic of Nigeria
15.  Federal Republic of Somalia
16.  Federated States of Micronesia
17.  Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
18.  Gabonese Republic
19.  Grenada
20.  Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
21.  Independent State of Papua New Guinea
22.  Independent State of Samoa
23.  Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
24.  Islamic Republic of Iran
25.  Islamic Republic of Mauritania
26.  Islamic Republic of Pakistan
27.  Jamaica
28.  Kingdom of Bhutan
29.  Kingdom of Cambodia
30.  Kingdom of Lesotho
31.  Kingdom of Morocco
32.  Kingdom of Swaziland
33.  Kingdom of Tonga
34.  Lao People's Democratic Republic
35.  Libya
36.  Mongolia
37.  Oriental Republic of Uruguay
38.  People's Democratic Republic of Algeria
39.  People's Republic of China
40.  People's Republic of Bangladesh
41.  Plurinational State of Bolivia
42.  Republic of Angola
43.  Republic of Benin
44.  Republic of Burundi
45.  Republic of Cabo Verde
46.  Republic of Cameroon
47.  Republic of Chad
48.  Republic of Chile
49.  Republic of Côte d'Ivoire
50.  Republic of Cuba
51.  Republic of Djibouti
52.  Republic of Equatorial Guinea
53.  Republic of Fiji
54.  Republic of Ghana
55.  Republic of Guatemala
56.  Republic of Guinea
57.  Republic of Guinea-Bissau
58.  Republic of Haiti
59.  Republic of India
60.  Republic of Indonesia
61.  Republic of Iraq
62.  Republic of Kenya
63.  Republic of Kiribati
64.  Republic of Liberia
65.  Republic of Madagascar
66.  Republic of Malawi
67.  Republic of Mali
68.  Republic of Mozambique
69.  Republic of Namibia
70.  Republic of Nicaragua
71.  Republic of Niger
72.  Republic of Palau
73.  Republic of Paraguay
74.  Republic of Peru
75.  Republic of Rwanda
76.  Republic of Senegal
77.  Republic of Sierra Leone
78.  Republic of South Sudan
79.  Republic of Suriname
80.  Republic of the Congo
81.  Republic of the Gambia
82.  Republic of the Maldives
83.  Republic of the Marshall Islands
84.  Republic of the Philippines
85.  Republic of the Sudan
86.  Republic of the Union of Myanmar
87.  Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
88.  Republic of Uganda
89.  Republic of Vanuatu
90.  Republic of Yemen
91.  Republic of Zambia
92.  Republic of Zimbabwe
93.  Saint Lucia
94.  Socialist Republic of Vietnam
95.  Solomon Islands
96.  State of Eritrea
97.  Syrian Arab Republic
98.  Togolese Republic
99.  Tunisian Republic
100. Tuvalu
101. Union of the Comoros
102. United Republic of Tanzania
Without any exception, Georgian Government will not issue VISAs on arrival.
In order to obtain e-visa, it will be necessary to provide the Consulate or Embassy of Georgia (that covers your country of residence) with an Official Diplomatic Note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country. Please copy when you send the Diplomatic Note to the Consulate of Embassy concerned. E-visa will be sent to the applicant electronically.
Should it be not possible to provide such a Diplomatic Note, then in addition to electronically submitted documents, applicants must print out their application form, sign it and submit the package with all supporting documentation and your passport to the Consulate or Embassy of Georgia in person or by post, as specified for each particular country (please refer to the links provided at ). Please contact in case of any questions. 

5. Weather

​The climate of Tbilisi can be classified as moderately humid subtropical.  Average low temperatures in November is about 4.5°, Average high temperature is 12.7°.

6. Foreign Currency

​Under Georgian law, cash and securities exceeding GEL 30,000 (or its equivalent in other currency ) carried  by natural persons entering or leaving the custom border of Georgia shall be declared  at a Customs Office. Failure to make such a declaration or making any false declaration to a Customs Officer can be subject to a penalty or confiscation of undeclared amount.

7. Airline Reservations and Reconfirmation of Return Flight

​Many international airlines operate regular services to and from Tbilisi. Participants are advised to secure their return ticket prior to their departure for Tbilisi. Information about flights to/from Tbilisi:
#AirlinesFlightsAverage periodicy of flights
​Airzena Georgian Airlines
Aegean Airlines
Air Astana
Azerbaijan Airlines
ATA Airlines
China South Airlines
Fly Dubai
Pegasus Airlines
LOT - Polish Airlines
Qatar Airways
Scat Airlines
S7 Airlines
Turkish airlines
Ural Airlines
Al Naser Airlines
Iraqian Airlines
Atlasjet Airlines
Ukraine International Airlines
Baghdad (often canceled)
Baghdad(often canceled)
​twice a week
once a week
twice a week
once a week
every day
twice a week
once a week
3 times a week
twice a week
twice-3 times a week
once a week
5 times a week
4 times a week
twice a week
twice a week
every day
twice a week
4 times a week
every day
every day
4 times a week
every day
twice a week
every day
every day (4 times a day)
once a week
twice a week
twice a week
every day
6 times a week (twice a day)

8. Contact

Please click here to register for WTIS-14.
If you have any visa related questions, please contact
If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact
Delegates are requested to book their accommodation directly with the hotels of their choice, please see the contacts in the list of recommended hotels.
​For further information please contact:

Ms. Ketevan Akhobadze
Specialist of Georgian National Communications Commission
Tel: +995 32 231 1412
Mobile: +995 599 771117

Rusudan Makharadze
Specialist of Georgian National Communications Commission
Tel: +995 32 231 1412
Mobile: +995 599 018680