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ITU 150

National Strategies

​​​​Strategies for Cybersecurity and Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP)
Modern societies have a growing dependency on information and communication technologies  that are globally interconnected. However, this interconnectivity also creates interdependencies and risks that need to be managed at national, regional and international levels. Enhancing cybersecurity and protecting critical information infrastructures are essential to each nation's security and economic well-being.
At the national level, this is a shared responsibility requiring coordinated action related to the prevention, preparation, response, and recovery from incidents on the part of government authorities, the private sector and citizens. At the regional and international level, this entails cooperation and coordination with relevant partners. The formulation and implementation of a national framework for cybersecurity and CIIP requires a comprehensive approach.​​​
ITU has documented a reference model for national Cybersecurity strategy elaboration in the form of a guide available here​